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Back in 2020, mid corona, I fell pregnant with my first baby. I had a straightforward pregnancy other than my bump measuring larger than it should do. At 32 weeks I was sent for a growth scan, it was found I have polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid). During that scan, by myself due to C-19, they found out that something wasn’t right with my baby. They told me that structures of her kidney and ureter were abnormal, and it could have been several things. I was told not to google over the weekend and that someone would be in contact with me sometime Monday. That weekend was one of the longest and most worrying in my life. After numerous scans and appointments with specialists they diagnosed her with hydronephrosis and hydroureter, thankfully not the other conditions that were mentioned to me. However, because of this the neonatal team were not sure whether Hattie would need to be in the NICU for some time after birth given the high volume of fluid around her too. Cue panic stations… From then on, every midwife appointment I was sent to the hospital as my baby’s heart rate was always too high. Another thing that added to my worry list. It was quickly decided that because baby was also measuring large, I would be induced early. After more Dr Google research and big babies, I decided a natural birth wasn’t for me and that I would have a section to ensure that my baby was brought into the world in the calmest way without adding any stress to her. However, after many appointments I agreed that I would try the induction. Mother’s Day came, my induction day… A bundle of nerves, tears and mixed emotions as my husband, Rory, dropped me off at the hospital door as he was only allowed to come when I was in active labour due to covid. I was admitted and was told I couldn’t have the balloon fitted as babies head was too bouncy, so I was given the pessary. I quickly began cramping so I bounced on the ball, walked laps of the hospital in a bid to keep these cramps up. 24 hours later, my waters were ready to be broken, however I had to wait another 24h until a bed became available on labour ward for this to happen. Thankfully, Rory was able to come and see me an hour per day so that broke the days waiting up. Finally, the day came that a bed had come available- my baby girl would finally be on the way to us! Rory and a community midwife arrived, from the team that had been looking after me throughout pregnancy, my waters were broken at 4pm. The oxytocin drip was hooked up and naïve me, thought my little girl would be in my arms in the early hours of that morning… by 6pm I was in established labour however, my body wasn’t giving me a break in between contractions and my baby was back-to-back. I decided I would try some gas and air. Big mistake. Sick. After this, I felt very much out of control, which was a big fear of mine, so I opted for an epidural. I felt like a different person, I was able to rest and reset. I was due a top up… it failed. I felt every contraction, and with my baby being back-to-back it wasn’t good… I cried and cried asking for a c- section. However, I agreed to another epidural after my midwife and husband talking to me. Thankfully, it worked. Thankfully some more sleep later, I was ready to push… this was around lunch time the next day! Sometime later, baby still wasn’t here, I was tiring, and my babies heart rate kept dipping, so it was decided that I needed some assistance. So, an episiotomy was performed and with the use of forceps, my beautiful Hattie Grace was born at 13:48, weighing 7lbs 10oz. 




I fell pregnant with my second baby late 2021, I had a complication free pregnancy and worked all the way until the end whereas with Hattie I wasn’t at work due to covid! Due date arrived and nothing… I agreed to a sweep in the hope that it might move things along. A few tightening’s arrived late Friday evening. They became more regular, so I decided since I had 3 in 10 minutes and they were over a minute long, to ring the maternity suite as I was hoping for a home birth. Unfortunately, no community midwives were available, so off to hospital we went- I was gutted as I had hired a birth pool and was so looking forward to giving birth in my own relaxed and calm home. I got there and contractions stopped, I was given another sweep in hope that that would move things along. It was also found that I had high blood pressure, I still stand by that it was because I was a bit nervous with the prospect of my body going into labour! However, I remained calm and trusted my body. I was asked to stay overnight and if it hadn’t gone down in 2-4 hours, they would be moving me to labour ward to start an induction. At this point, this isn’t what I wanted so I tried to remain as calm as possible and to get some rest. Tightening’s slowed and that was that. Saturday morning came, blood pressure remained normal, and I was sent on my way… with another sweep, some essential oils and Rory with some instructions to massage my feet and back. The midwife who gave me the sweep was the same midwife who broke my waters with Hattie so that was lovely to see Jess again. Jess told me that after giving me a sweep she predicted I would get home and I would be back by early evening. I got home, exhausted but decided to spend the day moving and on the ball. No real tightening’s so I decided to go to bed. I slept 14 hours. IT WAS AMAZING. Sunday Morning came, Hattie still at my Mums and I felt quite wet, that something was going on. Because my babies head was not fully engaged the day before I had to ring to unit again in case my waters had broken, back to hospital we went! Not my waters… but I had progressed to 3cm yippee! I agreed to another sweep (I think everyone has had a go now ha-ha!!) and I went to my mums for dinner and to finally see my baby girl. Tightening’s occurred pretty much straight away throughout the whole day. They were regular and coming on stronger, however, I didn’t believe I was in labour, so I played with Hattie. My mum sensed a change as I was starting to hold onto the kitchen island as the contraction was peaking and I began to focus my breath, keeping my shoulders down and trying to remove any tension away from my face. Still not believing I was in labour I wanted to take Hattie home, but my mum was adamant she was staying with them for another night. Rory and I went home at around 7:30, contractions now coming thick and fast. I decided to keep moving and go for a walk with my friend, because I still didn’t believe I was in labour. After doing about 10 laps of the estate, holding lamp posts, and breathing through the contractions, my friend said I needed to go home and probably ring the hospital… I felt cool, calm and in control. What a difference to how I felt in labour with Hattie. My mindset and headspace were in a great place. I knew I could do this. I will trust my body. I got home, told Rory to hurry up and get ready because it was time. I got to hospital at about 10pm, I was 4 cm. I felt a bit disappointed by this, but my baby was finally fully engaged, and I was in active labour. We dimmed the lights, put on some relaxing music and I started on the ball, then used the tens machine…what a game changer. About two hours later, I started to lose myself and started mentioning an epidural. My midwife said to get in the water and see if that changed things. A few contractions later I decided it was a no. I needed an epidural, I was told I needed to get out of the water for an examination, I did and with that my waters broke! I got back into the water, and after about 2 contractions I felt this pressure. I dropped my shoulders, I remained calm and was breathing through each contraction, in for 2, 3, 4 and out for 6. 16 minutes later, Henry, my beautiful boy was here. I couldn’t believe it, I DID IT. I birthed my own baby, by myself, no interventions all with the power of hypnobirthing. Henry was born at 8lbs 8oz. Henry’s birth was one of the hardest but most beautiful experiences of my life. This is where my passion began for hypnobirthing, I want to be able to help women feel empowered and trust their bodies to have a beautiful birth experience, whatever their birth looks like. 

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