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During pregnancy, at times, it can feel very overwhelming. Work, family, pregnancy symptoms, anxieties…I could continue. In a fast-paced society, it is vital that we find time to unwind and relax, particularly those who are growing a beautiful new life! My pregnancy relaxation classes will help you do that, it is an hour for you to completely switch off and unwind and you’re welcome at any stage of your pregnancy. The class involves an informal atmosphere with a calming atmosphere providing time for just you and your baby. 


Private sessions- £10/session 

These sessions can be ran from the comfort of your own home, 1:1 or if you have a group of friends please contact to discuss price and location.


Group Sessions- £7/session OR 4 Sessions for £25 

These are booked in a block of 4 sessions. Dependent on group size, location can be flexible.

** Please note, fuel costs may incur for Private classes**

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